Food Heaven in Grenada

Good morning! Today I'd like to share a few photos from our honeymoon. Don't worry, nothing inappropriate! But of course, the theme of these pics is FOOD. I couldn't have possibly come back from a vacation (let alone honeymoon) without sharing the foodie adventures we had with you all. And believe me, we ate very well in Grenada. Here are some highlights...

Here is my husband (!) on day one enjoying breakfast, which was prepared for us on our front patio each morning by a wonderful maid. We felt extremely spoiled. especially as the hotel had bought in some almond milk just for me! Phil is enjoying his fresh squeezed tropical fruit juice and a bowl of raisin bran, while I had some muesli (i think it was dorset cereals!), and a huge plate of fruit - all local goodness, including grapefruit, bananas, watermelon, and cantaloupe. And that was just the first course! We were also given a choice of egg dishes (of course, those always passed me by) and bread options. Oh and tea or coffee. No wonder we gained weight on this trip!


My bowl of muesli with almond milk.

Delicious fresh fruit.

Basket of breads. Phil tried something different from the menu almost every day - above are a couple of cinnamon pastries with our toast.

YUM YUM YUM guava jelly. The accompaniment to toast every morning. We brought a little jar home with us. So sweet, you only need a tiny tiny spoonful.

After watching a man climb a very tall, very slender palm tree without the use of any tools or ropes to collect coconuts, we had to see how many he dropped on the beach. Luckily, this super nice guy was sipping some fresh young coconut water straight from the shell and offered to hack open a couple just for us! It was so good - we felt full of energy for the rest of the day.

A candid photo of me ferociously enjoying some watermelon which came with my bowl of gazpacho at lunch. Our hotel's beach bar was pricey but so very worth it. Best lunches we had all week.

Again at the beach bar, this time enjoying some catch of the day. I believe this is barracuda. Don't knock it till you try it! We liked ours with a little dish of barbecue sauce and some sweet potato or yam wedges. Their fresh tropical coleslaw was so great too.

Our most decadent dinner of the week, and some of the best food we've ever eaten, at rhodes restaurant (again at our hotel). Phil had buttered dorado, I had fish as well (so many varieties, it's hard to remember each one) - and shared a plate of vegetables, all grown within the hotel's gardens. That bright green one is christophene - a very fresh, unusual vegetable that kind of resembles a savory melon.

A roasted veggie salad with fresh swordfish at Umbrella's. Close to st george's university, this was full of students and very closely resembled American college bars I was used to back in San Diego. Still, their beer was cold (Phil and I sipped a couple of bottles of carib) and their food was worth the wait.

Sweet potato fries were a must as the vegetable grew in abundance on the island. And i'll take any excuse to enjoy a sweet potato fry.

Warning: barbecued lobster! I hope you're not completely grossed out by this photo, but I have to tell you, it was the single best thing I ate in Grenada. The  Aquarium restaurant has a sunday bbq with live music that everyone told us we couldn't miss, and I'm so glad we didn't. After we stuffed our faces full of barbecued seafood and Phil had his huge dessert (see below), we spent the rest of the evening on their small beach, digesting and relaxing. Heaven.

Death by chocolate is right!

A very dark image of another fabulous dinner, this time at the Beach House restaurant, another highly recommended spot. Even though Michael Buble was pumping out of the hidden speakers, the beautiful setting and amazing food made up for it :) This was my blackened catch of the day with mango salsa and fruity rice.

And finally, Phil rounded out our Grenada dining experience at the airport before we boarded our plane home! Here is his fish roti, although I was more interested in that fun placemat! And of course, one last pina colada for the road...