Green Machine Pasta

It all started with a bag of green spelt tagliatelle. And then a jar of pesto from m&s. And then a big bag of spinach leaves. And the result was glorious.

The quickest healthy pasta dish you could imagine. Full of green goodness.

'But how could a usually dairy-free girl enjoy pesto?' you may be wondering. Well I'll tell you. as you may already be aware, I eat and enjoy plenty of goat's dairy products on a very regular basis (see: yogurt for breakfast, cheese for lunch, butter for baking). As many folks who cannot tolerate cow's milk can have goat's milk with no problems, it is sheep's milk that sits firmly on the fence. Some can handle it, some can't. Personally, I used to have a problem with sheep's cheeses, such as feta. But all of a sudden, within the last year, I have been absolutely fine. I attribute this to a generally cleaner diet since starting at bauman and learning that you can heal and repair your digestive tract by eating simply for a little while. This involves what some might consider a very BORING diet. But if that means I can eat the occasional piece of cheese, then I'm happy to endure it.

The pesto I bought had pecorino romano (sheep's) cheese instead of parmesan. Bingo!

I'm curious - if you are currently struggling with a suspected or known food intolerance or sensitivity, would you be willing to temporarily alter your diet if it would give you the ability to eat those foods without discomfort again? At the moment in my studies, we're on the topic of allergies. While a food allergy is quite different to a food intolerance, the fact remains that many people are needlessly suffering while ingesting foods their bodies can't handle. Perhaps I can help?

My aim once I get my qualification to practice as a holistic nutrition advisor is to offer online consultations, so we can chat about your concerns no matter where on the planet you (or I) live! I'm very excited to eventually offer this, but in the meantime, if anyone would like to discuss their health issues or concerns with me on a "guinea pig" basis, I'd absolutely love to talk to you. Send me an email if you or someone you know may be interested in this. All it requires is that you keep a 3 day food diary and can devote a half hour consultation time with me - we could do this via skype (either chat or phone or video) or simply email. I look forward to hearing from you!