Rainbows and Pizza

After an epic thunderstorm with torrential downpours of rain and hail, and the blackest clouds I'd seen in England pretty much ever, this glorious double rainbow appeared:

You can very faintly see the second rainbow above the brighter one. But I just wanted an excuse to say "DOUBLE RAINBOW ALL THE WAY!"

What does it mean?????????

Anyway, after all that excitement, I decided to make pizza. As in - make my own pizza dough, homemade pizza sauce, etc. Now I should start out by saying - this pizza is not very allergy-friendly. The crust is made with regular old flour, the cheese is pure buffalo mozzarella (although it does contain lactose, it is easier on the digestive system than standard cow's milk cheese, but this doesn't mean you should go ordering pizza at your local place - the buffalo mozzarella I used here was from a local farm, untouched by hormones and antibiotics and other horrible stuff).

But sometimes, you just want a classic pizza. Phil made some caramelized red onions to go on top (using honey instead of sugar). He also made the spicy pizza sauce, and we finished them off with a scattering of basil leaves. The pizza dough, as usual, was a mark bittman recipe and is a complete fail-safe. It is all made in the food processor and takes about 30 seconds (of course then you need a good hour to let it rise).

And while my system may not be pleased with the amount of wheat and gluten I consumed yesterday, I think it was worth it because I made it myself. I think if you're going to suffer through a food sensitivity, it may as well be something delicious that you made yourself. And why not, when it's so easy to do?

Of course, if you're not a gluten-, wheat- or dairy-eater, here are some pizza ideas for you:

Have any more favorite recipes or tips to share for the gluten and dairy challenged who are CRAVING pizza?