Particular Nutrition: an introduction

You may have noticed a few changes to The Particular Kitchen in the last week. The main one being that I've started a business called Particular Nutrition! I'm so excited to start offering my Holistic Nutrition Services to the masses, both near and far. While I am still studying at Bauman College as I set up shop, the time is now. It doesn't matter where in the world you live - if you'd like to talk to me about what's ailing you, I'm here to help.

Need a bit more convincing? Let me show you around!

  • You can read a bit more about my background, how life has been for 7 years with my food sensitivities, and a list of the foods I DO eat.
  • Of course, The Particular Kitchen remains my blog, updated weekly with recipes, stories, tips, and general ramblings!
  • So what exactly do I do? You can find out more on the Services page. Not ready to commit to a consultation package? Email me to schedule a free 20 minute introductory phone call.
  • Don't take my word for it. Read some of my clients' testimonials!
  • If you live in London, why not come along to one of my upcoming events? I've got a monthly series of workshops at Nourish Health Foods in East Sheen starting at the end of September, plus I'll have my very own food stall at the Barnes Food Fair on October 1st!
  • My recipes page is better than ever, thanks to an awesome site called Recipage. Search by ingredient, keyword, cooking method, course, dietary restriction, or just browse alphabetically.
  • Browse a list of my favorite links, including the ingredients I enjoy using and where to buy them online (in the UK). I'm also keeping a list of restaurants that I've visited and loved all over the world.
  • Now get in touch! Do you follow me on Twitter? Prefer using Facebook? I'd love to hear from you via any medium :)

With this exciting and challenging new venture in my midst, I thought I'd get back to juicing. And I suppose I'm old-fashioned and "safe" with my juice of choice, but sometimes you just want a familiar flavor.

In honor of Sober September, I thought I'd have my juice today in a traditional English pint glass. It even has a "head"!

Juicing is a wonderful way of getting extra nutrients into your day, especially when you feel like you need extra support (i.e. in times of stress or busy-ness). And don't throw away the leftover pulp either! It can be used in all kinds of recipes, such as this yummy-sounding smoothie.

The recipe is so simple, it is barely worth posting. But I am - so you can see just what went into that beautiful orange pint glass!

Carrot, Apple & Ginger juice

Makes 1 pint glass of juice

The particulars:

  • 8 carrots, ends chopped off
  • 10 small apples, cored
  • 1 piece of root ginger, about the size of 1/2 small apple, peeled
  1. Push all ingredients through a juicer and drink immediately!

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