HAWMC: 10 Things I Couldn't Live Without

For the month of April, I'm participating in the Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge from Wego Health. Each day I'll be writing a health-related post based on the HAWMC prompts, aiming to challenge myself as a writer and health activist. Thanks for following!

In no particular order, the ten things I couldn't possibly live without...

  1. Coconut Oil. From cooking to moisturizing, I couldn't do without a pot of cold-pressed organic virgin coconut oil. The health benefits are outstanding, and I feel good about rubbing it into my face and hands rather than a chemical-laden equivalent.
  2. Sunshine. I love it. Seems to me I'm more sensitive to a sunny day than most people - my mood is instantly improved, my face brightens up. Needless to say, I'm ecstatic that winter is over!
  3. Filtered water. Any water will do, really, but if I have a choice, I'll pick filtered every time. Knowing that I'm preventing even a little of the toxins that can float merrily along in our tap water makes me feel that little bit better hydrated. I love carrying around my Lifefactory glass bottle - having water to hand and sipping it throughout the day is one of the simplest things you can do for your health. Dehydration hurts.
  4. Sharp knife. I have definitely become a knife snob. This tool is indispensable in our kitchen. We have quite a few good knives, but if I had to pick one to keep forever, it would be my Anolon 5" Santoku knife. I use this for chopping up everything - it is a serious piece of metal. Particularly when it comes to eating lots of raw fruits and vegetables, I'd highly recommend investing in a good knife or set of knives.
  5. Facebook. I sort of hate to admit my devotion to Facebook, or any social network really, but it has truly changed my life. If it didn't exist: I wouldn't have met my husband, I wouldn't be in touch with my friends in the States (and around the globe) nearly as often, and I wouldn't get to see everything that's going on in their lives (the important stuff of course, not necessarily what they had for dinner, although sometimes I'm just as interested in that!). I love that I can still go back and read through my very first messages with Phil - our whole relationship has been recorded for all time. That's pretty amazing!
  6. My music collection. It's like a walk down memory lane - I have such strong feelings associated with music, as I'm sure you do too. There are songs that remind me of my school friends, boyfriends, my parents, specific nights, road trips, concerts... I don't think I could happily exist on this planet without those tunes.
  7. Blender. Not even a Vitamix (although I'm completely spoiled now). Having been away in a house where they supplied a simple blender, I am convinced it's a necessary kitchen appliance for healthy eating. You can even go without a food processor if you've got a halfway decent blender - putting together sauces and dips, smoothies and soups, healthy desserts... it makes life so much easier.
  8. Wedding guestbook. It contains sweet messages from all of our wedding guests (aka the people we love the most) but that's not even the best part. My mom handmade the book - created the collaged cover, threaded together the recycled paper, even used our wedding colors. It's a special item I'll treasure forever!
  9. My Dad's paintings. The walls of our apartment (and any future home we live in) are decorated with my Dad's artwork. He's given me a few of his paintings over the years, all colorful and beautiful. I feel very proud when guests ask about them.
  10. My husband. Last but not least. Pretty cheesy, yes, but he's the best and I wouldn't want to go through life without him.