HAWMC: 5 Challenges & 5 Small Victories

For the month of April, I'm participating in the Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge from Wego Health. Each day I'll be writing a health-related post based on the HAWMC prompts, aiming to challenge myself as a writer and health activist. Thanks for following!

5 Challenges of Holistic Nutrition

  1. Sustainable business. Running my own holistic nutrition business is not exactly a regular 9-to-5 job. Therefore, I'm constantly thinking up ways to keep my workflow active. It's tough to have a sustainable business in any field, but especially when you're going it alone! That being said, I wouldn't trade it for any other career.
  2. Responsibility for clients. You're never supposed to get personal attachment to clients, but I can't help but feel responsible for them! It's a challenge I face with each new person I take on as a client - aiming to get them on the right track and moving towards health and happiness. When they don't feel good, I don't feel good.
  3. Practicing what I preach. I have to be honest, there are definitely days when all I want to do is veg on the couch and eat cookies and drink wine. One of my biggest challenges is to practice what I preach and be a good role model for my clients and peers. It feels very wrong to suggest you eat kale when I'm chowing down on a muffin.
  4. Finding inspiration. Occasionally, I struggle to keep things fresh and exciting in the healthy eating department. It's a balance of providing simple and tasty recipes while offering up new and fresh ideas. As I've mentioned before on during this writer's challenge, I am continually becoming inspired in unlikely places and trying to let go of my reliance on other blogs and cookbooks.
  5. Adapting to new environments. Believe it or not, there are a great number of people out there who are repulsed by the idea of a green smoothie. I know. Crazy! :) One of my greatest challenges (and most rewarding) is to convince the people who need it in environments unfamiliar to the healthy eating world. It's all well and good to talk about the virtues of omega-3s to my colleagues at the local health food store; however, it's more important to educate those who may not understand what omega-3s are or why they're important to our health.

5 Small Victories in Holistic Nutrition

  1. Client achievements. I get happy butterflies when a client feels better. Even if it's a small success, like adding one vegetable into their diet per day, it's those small changes that make the biggest difference. That's a victory I feel makes every challenge worthwhile.
  2. Successful recipes. Kitchen experiments don't always turn out well. Or edible even. But when they do, it's a joy! I'd never share recipes on this blog that I wasn't truly proud of, so if something I wanted to blog about didn't work out or tasted terrible, you won't find it here!
  3. Inspiring talks. I'm no motivational speaker (in fact, I'm a pretty nervous public speaker), but I love it when I have a captive audience at one of my community talks. Recently, I gave a general healthy eating talk at my local Women's Institute monthly meeting - they were such a lovely and respectful group of women who asked some great questions. It was such a treat to interact and engage with my audience in this way.
  4. Friend recommendations. The best marketing is word of mouth, and this is certainly true for holistic nutrition professionals. It's all well and good writing down how great holistic nutrition is on this blog or on twitter, but until you hear it from someone you know and trust, you'll still be unsure. That's why I greatly value my testimonials and recommendations from friends and clients.
  5. Increasing awareness. All I aim to do is to make people aware of the connection between their diet and their health. If I can do that simply through this website, then I feel I've gained a huge victory. Even better if it leads to further contact and a deeper understanding of how who you are, what you eat, how you live your life, etc. affects your health.