HAWMC: Six Sentence Story

For the month of April, I'm participating in the Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge from Wego Health. Each day I'll be writing a health-related post based on the HAWMC prompts, aiming to challenge myself as a writer and health activist. Thanks for following!

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Eating Mindfully

Recently, I practiced Thich Nhat Hanh's apple meditation as a mindful eating exercise. I washed an apple, dried it, held it in my hand, checked out its unique characteristics, smelled it, and smoothed over its skin. I took three deep breaths while imagining what the apple will taste like. Then, I took a bite and chewed, perhaps 25 times, while truly tasting the apple's flesh and focusing my attention on it. I wasn't distracted by my computer or the television or my phone or my thoughts. It was just me and the apple and it was the best thing I'd ever eaten.