Anti Black Friday: 7 Homemade Holiday Gifts

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday celebration - and I also secretly hope that no one reading this is participating in Black Friday, stampeding into Walmarts and Best Buys in order to grab those "door busters" before your neighbors do. Yuck! So, as today marks the "official" first day of gift shopping for the holiday season, I thought I'd give you a list of 7 ideas that have appeared on this blog over the years that would make great homemade gifts. There are sweet things, savory things, things in jars, things in bags, things that need refrigeration and things that don't. Whatever you do, the gift will be appreciated because it's been made by YOU, making it taste even better (the secret ingredient is love, of course).

Make one of these and stay away from the stampedes!

7 Homemade Holiday Gift Ideas

1. Wholegrain Mustard

2. Apple & Cranberry Chutney

3. Black Bean Truffles

4. Raw Chocolate Noisettes

5. Mini Christmas Pudding Bites

6. Particular Granola

7. Vegan Pesto