Thanksgiving from The Particular Kitchen

Thanksgiving is only three weeks away, unbelievably! This year, Phil and I are going to my Mom's house in Prescott, Arizona. This will be a holiday of exciting firsts: the first time we've visited her and her partner Bill since they moved to Arizona in January, the first time Phil experiences Thanksgiving on American soil, and the first time I see my mother get married! Yes, there will be a wedding! Phil and I are both so excited to be witness to my Mom and Bill's marriage the Saturday after Thanksgiving - so much to celebrate! We're really looking forward to heading out west and having a festive long weekend in the desert (although we won't likely get much warmth - temperatures drop to below freezing every night in the winter in Prescott!) Still, it's bound to be a nice change from New England in late November. A change of scenery at least!

If you're wondering what on earth to make this year and want to try something different, consider some of these listed below. They're a mixture of recipes I've made and posted on this blog as well as ones I've found around the web that look delicious! All are healthful, interesting, and a break from the norm. I haven't included any "classic" foods on here, like turkey, candied yams, gravy, or mashed potatoes. You probably have some foolproof, tried-and-tested versions of those that you like! Instead, you'll find some ideas for a Thanksgiving dinner you can feel good about. I hope you find some inspiration here for your holiday meal - and keep these in mind for other winter holidays too!


All soups listed here are gluten- and dairy-free


All salads listed here are gluten- and dairy-free


All sides listed here are gluten- and dairy-free, except for the cornbread

Vegetarian Main Courses

All the dishes listed here are gluten- and dairy-free


All desserts listed here are gluten- and dairy-free