Particular Baby On The Way

I have some very exciting news to share - I'm 12 weeks pregnant! Philip and I are due in June and can't wait to be first-time parents! At the moment, I'm told my baby is the size of a lime - an adorable little lime! It's been really difficult keeping the news quiet from friends and family, but we finally shared our announcement with everyone this week.

Last Friday, we heard our baby's heartbeat for the first time, which was the most mesmerizing sound I've ever heard. I wish we could listen to it forever! So far, all is well. I've had a few bad days of nausea, but that seems to have disappeared now, so I'm feeling pretty lucky (definitely not experiencing anything as bad as Kate Middleton anyway!)

So what will this mean for the future of The Particular Kitchen and Molly Robson Wellness?

Naturally, I'll be including pregnancy-related information as we get closer to the baby's birth, and will most likely be offering up baby nutrition advice and recipes when the time comes. But I want to keep my blog suitable for all readers, whether they have children or not. So I hope this exciting new chapter in my life won't scare you away!

And I'll still be practicing as a nutrition consultant for as long as I can! At the moment though, I'm happy to keep things flexible. The Winter Renewal Detox in January will still be taking place as normal - I will be participating about 90% - it's perfectly suitable for pregnant women. This time, however, while it will still be offered online for anyone around the world, I'll be running it in person through Samadhi Integral Center in Newton, MA. We'll meet weekly to share stories, recipes, and advice, with discounts on a fantastic detox-focused weekly yoga class with the wonderful Nina Miller. Email me ASAP if you're interested (whether you're participating online or in person)

2013 is going to be quite monumental: turning 30, buying a house, and becoming a mother in the same year!

I really hope to continue the pace of my blog posts, but I also hope you'll understand if there are periods of quiet from time to time as life takes its natural twists and turns.

Nutritionally speaking, pregnancy has been very interesting for me. Here's how my experience has gone so far:

  • My nausea was at its worst in the morning when I ate really starchy heavy foods the night before (like butternut squash or potatoes)
  • Green smoothies went out the window - not only because its colder now, but because I felt I needed something more substantial for breakfast with plenty of protein
  • I have had major cravings for sour foods: vinegars, lemons, pineapple, Granny Smith apples, etc.
  • The tea brand Yogi makes a wonderful pregnancy blend called "Mother To Be". I highly recommend it for expectant moms - it contains raspberry leaf, peppermint, spearmint, nettle, dandelion, fennel, and cardamom. Great in the morning.
  • Most days during my first trimester, my energy has been super low and I've had no desire to cook. That's odd for me!
  • My exercise routine has certainly changed. The last time I ran was a 5K race at the end of October. Now I'm taking long walks through the many beautiful parks nearby and practicing yoga (both prenatal-specific classes and gentle flow classes with modifications).
  • We're working with wonderful midwives and hope to have a homebirth. We also live a few blocks away from a wonderful hospital just in case, but I'm really motivated to give birth in a calm, quiet, relaxed environment. That's a long way from now! But in the meantime, it's great getting to know my midwives and starting to plan our baby's arrival.
  • Avoiding alcohol really hasn't been hard. A great article in the most recent issue of Boston Magazine highlights this subject. I really like the message there: find other ways to relax!
  • My prenatal vitamin is fantastic and certainly one I'd recommend to future moms: Rainbow Light Certified Organics Prenatal Multivitamin. I love that it was made with organic fruits and vegetables, contains spirulina and antioxidants, and digestive enzymes.

So that's the news! I'll have a recipe for you next week but just had to share this with you today!