Mommy Brain

finn tummy I can't believe it has been 5 months since I last posted anything here. Finn is a strong, chatty, toothy, giggly little man now. He's starting to eat solids. He's rolling over and over. He's proving to us that he's going to be one talkative little kid. And he leaves his mama very little time to do anything besides play with him, feed him, and then watch him napping on the monitor (mostly because he's a tummy sleeper these days and he sticks his butt in the air, which is just too damn cute not to stare at).

So my apologies for the lack of posts since last summer. Things certainly have changed since my last update.

And they will continue to change. Not just for Finn, but for me too. I've got some exciting new ventures coming soon that I'll be working on in between changing diapers and getting smeared with avocado.

In the meantime, stare at that face with me and try to get ANYTHING done!

I'll be back soon - promise ;)